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There are so many stray cats in this neighborhood, or maybe they are… - If Wishes Were Horses [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 27th, 2009|10:38 pm]
There are so many stray cats in this neighborhood, or maybe they are cats that people let roam because they all seem to be fairly well cared for. But several times a year there is usually a new litter of kittens roaming around. There was one back in the spring, some kids down the street were sort of looking after the kittens--mostly tormenting them by carrying them around and playing with them as though they were big furry dolls. But then a few weeks ago a stray cat started coming around our yard, looking a lot like one of the kittens and he seemed about the right age, that lanky teenager look that cats seem to get around 9 months or so. And so friendly, he'd sit outside our door waiting for us, and roll on his back to have his tummy scratched. After I saw him rummaging in the neighbors garbage I started putting out food for him--even though I knew that was just inviting him to hang around more and I was probably going to regret it. But he was just so sweet I didn't want him to go hungry. And then of course the girls started talking about adopting him and couldn't we please just take him in the house--they named him Louie. But with three cats I don't want to take in any more, I want to be realistic about my limits and three cats is enough. So I assured them he'd be fine outside, look at all the other stray cats that did fine, we'd put out food and even make him a little bed out of a box with a towel in it. I figured we could at least take him to the local Animal Protective League for their capture, neuter and release program, for 25.00 they'd neuter him and then at least he wouldn't be contributing to the kitten population.

Then last Thursday I came out on the porch to see if he was around--I liked to put out his food when he was right there so other cats wouldn't eat it. And he was curled up in his box bed, his poor little face all battered and bloody. It looked like he had a broken jaw. We got him in a cat carrier and Brian took him to the APL--they will accept sick or injured stray animals at no cost. Unfortunately though, euthanasia is the only option as they don't have the facilities for an animal in recovery. But I figured at least he wouldn't be suffering, I just felt so awful that he'd been hurt. I have no idea how it happened.

Miranda and I have been working as volunteer dog walkers at the APL, so I emailed one of the staff to see if she knew anything about Louie. She said they really went back and forth on what to do with him, but he was just so sweet they decided to use the Second Chance fund to fix him up. He's had surgery and hopefully it won't be long before he's able to be adopted. We still aren't going to be able to take him, but the APL doesn't euthanize for space reasons so he will find a home eventually.

[User Picture]From: eutheria
2009-10-28 04:04 am (UTC)
aw!! I'm so glad he's doing well.
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